cognito_ergo_sum.jpgNascent Babylon: An earth-based science fiction setting involving android dominion over humanity.

The year is Anno Machina 107

Mankind has become the subjects of their own creations.

The best and brightest of our world have left for the stars. Far and wide men have forgotten the taste of freedom. For over a century the androids have been in authority proscribing what is best for the subjugated race. In this troubled time a new life form is born in secrecy. They must find a way amongst a society which has no place for them. If they cannot bridge the gap between man and machine, none will survive when the hidden enemy is revealed. Will their actions be enough to forestall the unforeseen apocalypse or will they lower their heads like the rest of their paternal race as the world goes quiet? For when one among the Silent speak no other voice will be heard again.

Nascent Babylon

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